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From Local Authorities to Tier 1 Contractors EST prides itself on collaborating with asset managers to maintain and improve the UK’s highways. From design and programming through to preparation and delivery EST ensures that our core values are at the heart of our services.

Over a 30+ year history EST has developed its processes and products to ensure that our self-delivered Micro Surfacing and Surface Dressing processes offer market leading quality, programmed to ensure we minimise disruption for the public.

To support our core Surface Dressing and Micro Surfacing processes, EST offers a range of services including digital design, specialist surfacing solutions and roadmarking solutions. Our use of data capture technology enables EST to provide accurate network data that easily links to clients’ asset management systems, ensuring that the correct treatments can be delivered on the correct assets – maximising the life span of networks and maximising highways budgets.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our business, and we incorporate cold technology, recycling systems and the use of recycled products into our choice of materials and surface treatments to contribute to a better whole-life performance and a smaller environmental footprint. The integrated link with PolyBitumens ensures that EST is continually able to develop new products and processes that support our clients’ budget and environmental targets.