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Investing in the community

Creating lasting social, environmental, and economic value for local communities is an essential part of the services we provide and is rooted into the culture of Eurovia.


  • Our teams provide this through
  • Delivering our works with an understanding of local needs
  • Being an inclusive employer, developing skills and creating safe working environments
  • Creating local employment and opportunities
  • Investing in local businesses and suppliers and ensuring responsible procurement and sourcing


Our Social Value Manager provides a link between our businesses and the community, leading our culture of building genuine, long-term partnerships by supporting community projects.

Our people and our partners also support local communities through volunteering and fund-raising activities as well as donations from the company.

A responsible business

Partnering with our supply chain

Establishing strong and lasting partnerships with our supply chain is an important element of our success. We foster personal relationships, using a mix of national and local suppliers to ensure that we are delivering best value, locally focused services that support our national presence and scope, whilst also supporting local communities and economies.

We use innovative digital systems to manage performance throughout our extensive supply chain, whilst regular expert reviews ensure we continue to work with the best-performing companies. We welcome the innovation that our external partnerships support us to deliver, and actively foster partnership working through tailored payment and contractual terms and arrangements.

Sustainable services

We are committed to creating an environment, whether by the schemes we deliver, or the projects we select, that make a lasting difference to environmental, social and economic sustainability. We adopt best environmental practice across our operations by reducing our consumption of non-renewable resources, investing in green technology, materials and processes, and managing our carbon and water footprint for the benefit of future generations.


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Thank you for getting in touch. We will be in contact shortly.