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Augmented Visualisation of Underground Services (AVUS)
AVUS Blog piece (1)

We are introducing Augmented Visualisation of Underground Services (AVUS) that allows users to see utilities below ground level as a virtual image on a smartphone or tablet screen held over the ground which helps avoid costly service strikes.


Sébastien Magat, Eurovia UK Business Improvement Manager said:

“AVUS is born as an answer to a real problem: With tens of thousands Utility strikes, how does the industry change to ensure safe working practices?


AVUS mission is therefore to help maintenance and construction crew avoid the occurrence of incidents, third party assets damages, improve efficiency, productivity and reduce the overall presence of crew on the network. At AVUS, we believe in the emergence of a «Google maps» of the underground and exploit the potential of emerging and innovating technologies, such as Augmented Reality to empower workers with “X ray like” ability, allowing them to see buried networks while digging simply by using a smartphone or tablets.”  


Yogesh Patel, Group Process and Improvement Director, said: “This is a great example of how the fourth Industrial Revolution can be used to digitise our activities, transform the safe experiences of our employees and stakeholders and create new business opportunities.”


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