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Fibrovia 1000x610 product sheet

Fibrovia - Combining Durability with Workability



There are many types of thin surface course materials. Depending on the gradation, binder type and, in some cases additives the materials provide specific properties that broaden the range of applications beyond those of conventional mixes. The Fibrovia® Thin Surfacing System has been developed to comprise many advantages - workability, flexibility and strength.


- Improved skid resistance

- Long term durability & rut resistance

- Improved noise & spray reduction

- Enhance workability


- 2 types of solution to match applications

- Installed at depths of between 25 and 50mm

- Millions of m² applied worldwide

- Over 20 years of technical success


A MULTI-PURPOSE PRODUCT Fibrovia® is suitable for all types of traffic; it can be used for maintenance and new construction projects. The main purpose of Fibrovia® is to improve the surface characteristics of pavements that exhibit no structural weakness. Fibrovia® is an ideal surfacing solution for urban roads where its workability allows uniform installation, both mechanically and by hand. An integral part of the Fibrovia® Thin Surfacing System is the use of a bond coat. The application rate is adapted to the type of substrate. Excellent bond and waterproofing characteristics ensure a concise service life for the surface and the underlying pavement.

A BINDER-RICH FORMULATION Developed in France  during the 1980’s the formulation of Fibrovia® combines a dense graded, but very coarse mineral skeleton with a high binder content. The use of short fibres with a high specific surface area makes it possible to increase the mastic content, when compared to conventional formulas. Fibrovia® is 100% recyclable, thus reducing the amount of material being sent to landfill.

Texture Retention

Fibrovia® retains its texture on the most densely trafficked sites: greater than 5,000 commercial vehicles/lane/ day for stress levels 1 and 2, and greater than 2,500 vehicles/day/lanes for stress levels 3 and 4.

Skid Resistance

Excellent levels of skid resistance can be expected due to the quality, high PSV aggregates used in Fibrovia®. Excellent SCRIM levels can be maintained.

Deformation Resistance

Fibrovia® meets BBA HAPAS Level 3, the most stringent requirement for deformation resistance. This permits its use on the densely trafficked roads without fear of rutting.


Normal Installation Thickness

0/14: 30-50mm

0/10: 25-40mm


Initial Texture

0/14: ≥ 1.3mm

0/10: ≥ 1.3mm


Download PDF here.