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Coral Reef Roundabout & Bagshot Road - Bracknell
SG16 Coral Reef Scheme & Surfacing 014
Eurovia deliver 2 major surfacing schemes - Coral Reef Roundabout and Bagshot Road, Bracknell. Working in partnership with Ringway Bracknell, Eurovia Surfacing successfully delivered two major resurfacing schemes. The scheme that Ringway undertook was the development of the existing Coral Reef Roundabout to upgrade it into a signal controlled junction.

Ringway engaged Eurovia Surfacing to deliver the extensive resurfacing works on the A322 Bagshot Road and The A322 Coral Reef Roundabout itself. Both schemes involved close co-operation and planning be- tween Ringway Bracknell, JLUK and Eurovia Surfacing.


Bagshot Road was completed over 4 weeks of nights and consisted of planing over 12000m² of carriageway at various depths and relaying 12000m² of Geogrid , 3000 tonnes EME 2 , 460 tonnes of SMA binder and 900 tonnes of 10mm ULM. Coral Reef Roundabout surfacing commenced in May 2015 and consisted of six separate visits to fit RIS Bracknell’s work programme the final surfacing visit was completed in March 2016.


The work consisted of 1700 tonnes of 32mm Heavy Duty Base , 1675 tonnes of 20mm Heavy duty binder and 940 of 14mm Surface Course most of which was 14mm ULM.

Chris Edwards Divisional Manager for Ringway West Unitaries commented:-


“These resurfacing works have been a topic that have concerned our client greatly at all levels for a number of months for many reasons including the traffic volume of the road, amount of residential housing close to the site and concerns raised by the Hilton and Sainsbury’s – it was good for me to hear the Service Delivery Manager (Anthony Radford-Foley) earlier today praise the quality of the finished product, the very low level of public complaint and professionalism that has been demonstrated whilst delivering these works, his comments are also true for senior members of the council. “


These schemes are an excellent example of the collaborative service we can offer our clients by drawing on the expertise of our partner companies to deliver the entire package of works in-house.