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Gender Pay report summary statement
Eurovia gender pay gap image 2021

Eurovia is proud to recruit and retain outstanding talent from all backgrounds, genders and ethnicities within our business.

We hold Investors In Diversity and Investors In People status and are committed to challenging misconceptions about the engineering sector to attract more women into an industry that offers a huge range of exciting opportunities for everyone up to the highest level. 

This report covers the Government’s gender pay initiative, which compares the average hourly rates of pay of all men and women within every organisation employing more than 250 people. The presence of a gender pay gap doesn’t necessarily mean an employer is paying men and women unequally, but indicates for us that there are fewer women in a range of roles, and this is something we want to work to change.

Many organisations have a gender pay gap, but Eurovia’s gap compares favourably with that of other organisations, including those within our industry. We commit to publishing this type of report annually in March and to demonstrating the improvements we are making year on year.


• Click here for our  Gender Pay Gap Report for 2023 - Eurovia Infrastructure Limited