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Greening our fleet
Greening our fleet
The current climate emergency, and our new Vinci and Eurovia commitment to deliver a 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, means that we all have to change the way we work, to support a brighter future for the future generations – something we should all be committed to.

As our businesses strive for “Green Growth” and more sustainable ways of working, we have taken the opportunity to review our approach to the provision of company cars.

An all-electric, “Battery Electric Vehicle” (BEV), is now available at each grade of our benchmark car list. Alongside the introduction of electric vehicle options, we are also installing electric charging points at sites across our businesses to support all employees who choose an electric car either for company or personal use, that can be accessed by a private charging card.

As part of this change, “Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles” (PHEV) will no longer be quoted as company car but “Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles” (MHEV), that combine a fossil fuel engine with some regenerative electric charging, will remain as these improve the fuel consumption and lower emissions on traditional diesel and electric engines.